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    Mental WEALTH – An Essential Guide to Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing


    Mental Wealth is a collection of practical insights into workplace mental health distilled from thousands of real world problems and solutions gathered through extensive research across industries including finance, law, defence, mining, education, health, hospitality, and many more. Peter Diaz and Emi Golding show leaders and managers how to identify the key risks and challenges organisations face in regard to the mental health of their workforce, and more importantly, how to address those challenges in a way that is compassionate, but also effective in a competitive business world.

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    Mental Wealth reveals an approach to workplace mental health and wellbeing that is proven to actually get results. Despite having a huge impact on the productivity, profitability, and culture of organizations, there is very little guidance currently provided to managers and leaders on how to effectively manage workplace mental health and wellbeing. What does exist is often focused on the legal aspects of minimizing risk that it misses the psychology of workplace mental health and high performance and actually ends up creating risk for workplaces.

    Mental Wealth is a guide for managers and leaders on how to manage employees who may be experiencing mental health issues in the workplace. Founders of the Workplace Mental Health Institute, Peter Diaz and Emi Golding, provide an essential foundation for addressing workplace mental health. Some of the essential foundations discussed include dispelling myths about workplace mental health, the factors that cause and contribute to mental health issues, the impact those factors are having on workplaces, the benefits of addressing mental health appropriately, and 7 Pillars for a mentally Wealthy Workplace. Mental Wealth also includes case studies and practical strategies that can be implemented for immediate results.

    ISBN-10: 1642793663
    ISBN-13: 978-1642793666


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