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Peter Diaz interviews Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak
Peter Diaz with Dr Phil McGrew

“Once again, I would like to express our gratitude for Peter’s keynote presentation. Our audience was delighted to have such a passionate and charismatic speaker, who was brave enough to share his own life experience. We believe the presentation was the best during the event and we are convinced that the information Peter shared was a huge benefit to the attendees and will impact their future work. The topic gave a new and inspiring perspective to the workplace paradigm.”

Silvia Radoslavova-profileSilvia Radoslavova, Future of Work Conference, Capital Weekly, Bulgaria

Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing is Good Business

“Another quick note to say thank you for an amazing presentation, our master class was all the better for having you join us. ”

Margaret BalsillieMargaret Balsille, Human Resources, Jobs Australia
New Mental Health Book Just Out Now
Mental Wealth-a Book by-Emi Golding-and-Peter Diaz
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Every year, one in four people suffer from a mental disorder. And they work right beside you.

There’s a direct and powerful link between a team’s mental health and the quality and quantity of output for a business. Managers willing and able to act stand to gain a significant competitive advantage. Founders of the Workplace Mental Health Institute, Peter Diaz and Emi Golding call it: Mental Wealth.

Mental Wealth is a collection of practical insights into workplace mental health distilled from thousands of real world problems and solutions gathered through extensive research across industries including finance, law, defence, mining, education, health, hospitality, and many more. Peter and Emi show leaders and managers how to identify the key risks and challenges organisations face in regard to the mental health of their workforce, and more importantly, how to address those challenges in a way that is compassionate, but also effective in a competitive business world.

Get ready to build a happy, resilient, and high-performing team!

‘Be aware and take care of your employees mental health. It’s a high priority. You are going to get better performance’

Steve Wozniak, Apple Co-Founder


Get the practical know-how, strategies and tools that will give you the engaged, happy, healthy and productive employees you’ve been dreaming of.


Peter Diaz is often described by the media as the authority in workplace mental health. And rightly so. He has an unique perspective and insight into issues in workplaces and how these impact on the capacity for people to function, produce and how to turn things around fast. If you are looking for a powerful, dynamic and engaging voice, someone that tells it like it is yet professional, then we encourage you to engage Peter. Either as a consultant or speaker, you will walk away with new insights on mental wealth, empowerment and culture. Email us and let’s arrange a time to talk.

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