The 6 Secrets Guaranteed To Help You Build Your Personal Power

This is a book I had to write. If you had met me years ago, you’d have seen how disempowered I was. I use the word disempowered because it sounds nicer than ‘weak’ or ‘loser’. But, to my own eyes, that’s what I was. Anyone and anything could topple me.

I’m not a physically strong man. Never have been, never will be. And my descent into Bipolar Disorder made me feel psychologically weak as well. Till one day I said ‘I’m not doing this crap anymore’. And that was it. That was my pivotal moment. I started to search for a new way to do things. I wanted to feel powerful. Personally powerful. But, was that even possible? Is it? Well, maybe not in the sense of lifting tall buildings or being faster than a speeding bullet but, what if there was something within the reach of all of us akin to having superpowers? Wouldn’t that be nice, right?

What if I told you there is?

This is where this book was born. It was born from my profound personal transformation into what I am today. A person with power that’s not a people pleaser and has integrity to his higher Self.

As I transformed, an obvious pattern, a process became visible to me. Most people couldn’t see it. But there it was. Plain as day. And I decided to put it down on paper. And here it is in book form.

If you are interested in exploring your source of power, do yourself a favour and get my book.


“I loved it… I was able to really connect with the book and felt that it was written for me. The exercises were easy to follow and related to me (and in fact anyone!), and are able to be used in any situation with or without the book in front of you.”

“This is a serious book. It’s for people ready to take back control, control they have given away to others. It’s a fantastic book that is continuing to help me in my daily life. Very relevant.”

“I wish all my friends would read this book, especially one that I have in mind.”

Reclaim Your Power by Peter Diaz
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