Sometimes life throws some curved balls at us and we have to go inwards to work it all out. Some people call that healing. I like the word healing but I remind myself that it can be misleading. Nothing’s really broken or injured, it just feels that way. Partly because it is painful and partly because we’ve been taught an unrealistic expectation of über-happiness and because we live in a world that is anathema to pain

 We’ve been taught to avoid pain. That it’s bad and that we should kill it at all costs. But pain can be good. It can make us face the truth of who we are. It can guide us.

Of course, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t seek relief. It just means we need to befriend our pain as our teacher. What is it there for? What is it trying to say? Listen attentively while you get your own mind out of the way, lest it trick you into creating a problem that is not there. To make sense of it all. And that’s ok.

I’ve found that this relative truth of mine is more useful than others. It has allowed me to face truth and follow my path. But that’s all it is, my truth. It doesn’t have to be yours but I thought I’d share just in case it resonates with you.