I’ve seen far too many problems created, or fueled, by people not sticking to their jobs.

They get upset and angry at things that, put it quite simply, are none of their business.

A normal excuse is that ‘I care’. And in the name of caring, they are willing to complain, be passive aggressive, undermine,… you know the drill.

This is not healthy. I’ve seen many people descend into burnout that way.

What works best is  less ‘caring’ and more love. What’s the difference?

Love has both a short term and a long term view. Before we engage in a problem, it’s useful to ask ourselves, ‘What’s the long term impact of what I’m doing here? Is this useful both in the short and long term?’ ‘Is it even my business?’

I believe businesses do better with love.

Often, there’s wisdom in the old adage of minding your own business…