When workplaces ask me to come in and speak to their teams, I often find that many people are more concerned with whether ‘they are going to keep their job’, or meet their KPIs, rather than being concerned with whether what they are doing is actually ethical, compassionate and loving. Of course, I know that’s not who they are but that’s what they’ve been seduced to do. In fact, most feel refreshed when I show them how it’s possible to have integrity to what’s right, and also run or work in really successful businesses. Ethical companies DO exist. But, sometimes, if does seem as if Integrity might be out of fashion, doesn’t it?

Look, I get it. It’s easy to say, do and look for what’s right when those around us agree and it serves our purpose, but what when it doesn’t? Then what? Few have the training, the maturity and the ability to stick to their ethics and principles when the going gets tough. Yet, having integrity, is of paramount importance to people’s mental health.

Stay the course. Keep your integrity & your mental health.